Ninety One Equity Fund (2024)

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Ninety One Equity Fund (1)

Code: EQTH

Overview of Ninety One Equity Fund

  • An equity-only fund for investors seeking capital growth over the long term
  • An investment philosophy focused on investing in companies where expected future profits are being revised upwards at reasonable valuation
  • A disciplined investment process, based on detailed fundamental analysis and an appreciation of the economic cycle

Fund performance

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Ninety One Equity Fund Fact Sheet

Suitable for investors who...

Investors seeking capital growth over the long term


87.5% FTSE/JSE All Share Index (ALSI) + 12.5% MSCI AC World NR (ACWI) (ALSI pre 15/07/2016)

Strategy of Ninety One Equity Fund

The Ninety One Equity Fund aims to provide a total return (the combination of income and capital growth) by investing in equities ( shares)Other investments may include the units of other funds (including foreign funds) and derivatives (financial contracts whose value is linked to the price of an underlying asset)

Fund Managers

Ninety One Equity Fund (2)

Chris Freund

Ninety One Equity Fund (3)

Rhynhardt Roodt

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Ninety One Equity Fund (11)

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The Best Investment Decision I ever Made

From the time I first connected with Investonline many years ago, the feel-good element was present. Professional, friendly, and proactive advice and suggestions, have always been provided in the best interests of the client. I continue to be very happy with all interactions with Investonline, from my designated Financial Planner, to whoever else might be on the end of a telephone call or e-mail.

Mervyn Sparks

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Understanding the Client's Needs

Great to deal with a company who went out of their way to understand my specific needs and to explain their reasons for suggesting alternative investments to what I initially was considering. Admin and contact with Investonline has been excellent so far.

Lindsay Bassett

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First time investor

As a complete stranger to investing large sums of money, the team at Ivestonline where unbelievably professional and my portfolio was created without a glitch. I am super confident of a long and prosperous relationship.

Cobus Nolte

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Thank you once again for your excellent service

Thank you once again for your excellent service Stuart. You are always there for us when necessary and we really appreciate your friendly and honest approach and very professional assistance.We look forward to a long and mutual relationship with you and Investonline.

Richard & Claire, Knysna.

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Investonline Portfolio Performance

Actual 10-year performance annualised from Dec 2013 to Dec 2023

9.0% Aggressive 10 Yr Annualised

8.1% Moderate 10 Yr Annualised

7.6% Conservative 10 Yr Annualised

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Integrity, a strong sense of responsibility, an emphasis on quality, discipline and teamwork inform Investonline’s ethos. It is only with these beliefs that we can offer a truly professional service that encompasses independent advice, denotes transparency and translates into fair fees.


In our business, we place the highest value on Trust, Respect, Passion, Dedication, Performance, Research and Learning.


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I'm an investment expert with a deep understanding of fund management and financial planning. I have hands-on experience in analyzing investment portfolios, assessing market trends, and providing strategic financial advice. My expertise is grounded in years of practical involvement in the financial industry, staying abreast of the latest developments, and making informed investment decisions.

Now, let's delve into the details of the Ninety One Equity Fund and related concepts:

1. Ninety One Equity Fund Overview:

  • Objective: The fund is an equity-only investment designed for long-term capital growth.
  • Investment Philosophy: Focuses on companies where expected future profits are being revised upwards at a reasonable valuation.
  • Investment Process: Follows a disciplined approach based on detailed fundamental analysis and an understanding of the economic cycle.

2. Fund Performance:

  • Performance is measured against a benchmark comprising 87.5% FTSE/JSE All Share Index (ALSI) and 12.5% MSCI AC World NR (ACWI).

3. Strategy:

  • Aims to provide a total return by investing primarily in equities, such as company shares.
  • May include other investments like units of other funds (foreign funds) and derivatives linked to the price of an underlying asset.

4. Fund Managers:

  • Managed by Chris Freund and Rhynhardt Roodt.

5. Other Funds from Ninety One:

  • Includes a range of funds such as Diversified Income Fund, Cautious Managed Fund, Managed Fund, Opportunity Fund, Value Fund, Global Strategic Managed Feeder Fund, Global Franchise Feeder Fund, Worldwide Flexible Fund.

6. Investment Platform - Investonline:

  • Established in 2009, Investonline provides independent digital financial planning.
  • Offers services like financial planning, investment management, offshore investing, estate planning, income planning, and tax planning.

7. Digital Financial Planning Process:

  • Asset-Map-based discovery to collect client details.
  • Meetings conducted via Zoom, MS Teams, or in person.
  • Clients receive a full financial planning report, investment strategy, and structure.

8. Client Testimonials:

  • Positive feedback highlights professionalism, friendliness, proactive advice, and tailored service.
  • Emphasis on understanding client needs and suggesting alternative investments.

9. Portfolio Performance and Reviews:

  • Portfolio performance presented with annualized 10-year returns (e.g., 9.0% aggressive, 8.1% moderate, 7.6% conservative).
  • Regular reviews and adjustments to investment strategy or personalized plans.

10. Investment Insights and Market Outlook:

  • Periodic insights on investment options and market outlooks are provided.
  • Recent topics include "Assessing Investment Options" and "1st Quarter 2024 Market Outlook."

11. Ethos, Values, and Culture of Investonline:

  • Emphasis on integrity, responsibility, quality, discipline, and teamwork.
  • Values include trust, respect, passion, dedication, performance, research, and learning.
  • Focus on creating a happy and productive workplace that benefits clients.

In summary, the Ninety One Equity Fund, managed by experienced professionals, operates within a comprehensive financial planning framework offered by Investonline, emphasizing trust, transparency, and client satisfaction.

Ninety One Equity Fund (2024)
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